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Auntie Em’s Catering is featured in People Magazine for the buffet we provided for the Rose McGowan – Davey Detail wedding at Paramour Mansion in Silver Lake. Read the Story

Elayne and Terri

What a fabulous event. Mike, me, and our guests were over the moon about the food. It was complimented all night- everyone saying it was the best “wedding” food they had ever had. The set up was beautiful, the wait staff was awesome, and it beyond exceeded my expectations. You two really knocked it out of the park– I am so grateful to have met you, and consider you both dear friends for life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-Haley Palla

Thank YOU!!

We did trust you guys, in fact the catering was the one thing we didn’t lose sleep over, because we just knew you guys would be awesome! And you were. We got sooooo many compliments on the food. Our guests all loved it! As did we!(We actually got to eat quite a bit!) And I don’t think anyone missed the meat because the food was so great. We were doing the rounds at tables and we saw all these completely empty, scraped off, practically licked:) plates! Seriously yummy, beautifully displayed, great service. Really really wonderful.
What a magical night!!!

We will be seeing you guys very soon at the restaurant!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

All our best,
-Terryn and Jon

I wanted to express my appreciation for a job well done!. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. There were a multitude of compliments from our guests. The kitchen at the Marrakesh house was tight, and your staff worked well within the confined space. We loved the whole evening, and certainly appreciate your part in creating wonderful memories.

Thank you again for all of your efforts.
-Sandy Silas

And. . .THANKS to Auntie Em’s and their staff. The crew the evening of the wedding were outstanding. . .. Elayne. . . your knowledge, contacts and helpfulness were so badly needed by us. All of our guest raved about the food. It’s uniqueness and flavors were a big hit.
-Linda Plescia

Kevin and I are sorry to have taken so long to reply. We want to thank you and Terri and everybody at Auntie Em’s for the absolutely wonderful job you guys did for our wedding. All of our guests raved about the food! I can’t even describe how happy we are with our decision to have Auntie Em’s cater our wedding. I don’t think you’d ever need it because you guys are so great, but, if you ever have a prospective client who wants to talk to any of your previous clients, we would love to talk to them and tell them about our perfect experience with you. Also, the servers and bartender were wonderful.

Again, thank you so much for being a part of our wedding!
-Sabrina Houston

The catering yesterday was delicious. Everyone was over the moon about the quality and taste of the food so I thank you sincerely. The granola was, and I quote from a model “The best granola in the world!” The coffee cake was great too. People loved the cupcakes as you know! And the ribs, artichoke pie and swiss chard were my personal favorites.

The catering was definitely one of the best things about my shoot! 60% of people came up to me and told me it was the best catering they have ever had….even the photographers and assistants! YAY!!! Lance was great too.

Well, you guys are sure to be on my list the next time. You guys can be proud of your catering ‘coz you have managed to impress me and I have very high standards…especially when it comes to food! I grew up in a “food family!”
-Didi Wong
Chakras by Didi

Finally got a chance to sit down to check email after a whirlwind of a wedding. Thank you and Terri and all of your staff at the event for an amazing evening. We had compliments from everyone we spoke to throughout the night of how good the food was – the BEST salmon anyone has ever had at a catered event, the BEST salad anyone ever – AND the funny thing was the veggie paella was the favorite hands down. We loved the presentation of the food, it was just as I imagined it from your description, only better – amazingly beautiful – hopefully the photographer took some foodie shots!

Yesterday, as we tended to our hangovers (the dance party slowly built, then took off, turned into a pool party, then back to a dance party, so people really did dance their pants off so to speak) – we had friends come by – 22! stopped by all for more delicious leftovers. They really loved the food – it is all gone!

Kudos to the bartenders for taking care of us with drinks. I forgot her name, but there was a server who really took care of us while we ate (We actually got to eat!) – she was great and made sure we had drink and food.

Thank you for working with us on everything. You put lots of love into your food, and that was exactly what the night was about for us and our guests – love! Terri, I am on Twitter and am raving about you if you see me (@nosegarden). Also, we plan on eating and especially celebrating our anniversaries at the kitchen every year – it’s a major bonus that we can come by for food anytime and chat about good memories. :-)
-Danno Hanasono

I am now ready to start coming up for air! I wanted to thank you, Elayne, Terri, and all of your crew for the fabulous food and catering!! Loved, loved, loved the food and the dessert table was incredible. I only wish we had ordered more appetizers… people were gobbling them up and we ran out. I think maybe they thought that was all they were going to get!! I think all of our guests were impressed by the venue and service by all that participated. I was sorry that I missed you, Elayne. Did you get to see the florist’s work? Neil Guthrie at Gillyflowers did an outstanding job. He even made me a floral brooch out of succulents and poppy seeds.
-Elizabeth Ettema

It was a pleasure working with Auntie Em’s on our last two events in Santa Monica. The food and presentation were excellent and the wait staff friendly and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recom- mending Auntie Em’s for other events, and look forward to working with you all again in the future.
-Elizabeth J. Lees
Caskey & Lees

I’m finally starting to “recover” and just wanted to THANK YOU and Terri for the fabulous food!!!! Everyone commented on it. I have some serious foodie friends who came up from San Diego and absolutely loved everything. And the desert table was to die for. My son’s girlfriend and I always go to a bakery in DC where they live to get coconut macaroons (her favorite) and she said unconditionally yours were the best! The decorations on the table were especially beautiful.

Thank you again and stay well!
-Joyce Sweet

We were very pleased. The food was delicious and gorgeous. So many people raved about the food! Between your catering and Jonathan’s wonderful venue, it was an elegant event. Thank you for working with us on this.

-Valerie Fontaine
Seltzer Fontaine Beckwith

I just wanted to convey a huge thanks for making our wedding a wonderful and delicious event. I literally can not count the times we have been told that your food was the best they’ve ever had (period. not even just at weddings!) The food, your staff, the overall presentation….all perfect for what we wanted. Can’t thank you both enough for your hard work and enthusiasm for our event. Working with you guys was the best decision we ever made about the wedding (with the exception of the decision to get married, that is.) Thanks! THANK YOU!

The food was delish!!!!!!! Terri is so talented. We’ll be singing her praises to everyone. But it was the combo of her, Roxanne (gets a medal of honor) and YOU, Elayne, that really made this all come together. The party was a huge success and we couldn’t be happier (well maybe I could if I had a cupcake in each hand – but that’s just me).

My compliments and beyond! The party was fabulous – with the jewel being the delicious food, wonderful serving staff and fabulous bartenders! There just are not enough superlatives… suffice it to say, Auntie Em’s Kitchen rocks!

What a wonderful team you have! Everything came together so well. The displays were every bit as inviting as the food. I only wish I’d had time to taste everything. I did get a cupcake – carrot – yummy! There wasn’t one person who spoke to me who did not comment on how delicious the food was. The first sure sign of a successful party!

-Gayle Nachlis, Executive Director
-Roxanne Lane, PSA Production Program Coordinator
-Bonnie Spence, Chairman of PSA Production Program
Women In Film

Auntie Em’s work was fabulous. There were nothing but compliments about the food and of course your staff was so sweet and helpful. So, good hiring there, too. It just made my work, time and creative investment so much of a pleasure because I was so committed to the event and you were too. I was told by the guests that the entire event from start to finish in all aspects was “perfect,” moving and so so special. It really was! Wow!
-Myriam Savage

Oh my gosh – I can’t even tell you how wonderful the food at the wedding was!! We had SO many people tell us that it was hands down the best wedding food that they have ever had – and I completely agree! It was SO good. And all of the details! SO wonderful. Terri, you made that cake look stunning and the cup cakes were amazing! Mary Ellen, you and the rest of the staff were so nice – we had so many people mention it to us. Really – you were all so wonderful to work with and the food was top notch. There is NO doubt that should we ever cater an event again – we’ll be working with you! And if anyone needs a suggestion – I will recommend you with huge praises. Thanks for everything.
-Alissa & Gavin

Everyone was raving about the shower and said it was unlike any other they had been to. The atmosphere was warm and cozy but far from your traditional shower – just what we wanted and it really reflected the bride-to-be’s taste. The food was amazing and it felt like we were one big family of 20 around the table.
-Sarah Wetherbee

The responses from our Board members about the food served at our last few Board meetings has been overwhelmingly positive. The breakfsts and lunches were delicious, beautifully presented and delivered on time. We have used other caterers and have found that your prices are much more reasonable and the quality and quantity of food more than competitive. We love your innovative menus and the delicious combinations you have created. We also appreciate your willingness to make suggestions at to changes and dietary restrictions. As a result of our very positive experience, we had you cater our open house to celebrate our new office space and again had people come up to us and ask who did the catering. We have recommended your services to many of the Guild members who have made inquiries and have received thanks from them after they have used you. It is always a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to many marvelous meals from Auntie Em’s.
-Marcia R. Smith, Executive Director
Screen Actors Guild Foundation

Auntie Em’s Kitchen is one of the greatest treats in Eagle Rock, or all of Los Angeles for that matter. For personal dining trips, I love to sample the open-faced breakfast sandwiches and for lunch I’m always excited by the specials such as the spinach, tomato and cheddar quiche or chicken pot pie. Of course, you can’t go wrong with their fresh daily salads, sandwiches and comforting soups. If you have any room after your meal, be sure to sample a fresh-baked sweet such as one of their incredible coconut cupcakes, they are large enough to nibble on with a friend or two. For business needs, whenever we have a meeting anywhere near Eagle Rock, it is a given that Auntie Em’s is our first choice for catering. The foods are always delightfully arranged on large, festive platters and the variety of food choices and flavors are sure to please every palate. On a purely logistical note, it’s worth mentioning that the food is always packed and ready to go when I have arrived for pick-up. No matter which meal or catering need you are in search of, you will surely find fresh, delicious food at this friendly, lovely establishment.
-Brooke Keesling
CalArts Community Arts Partnership
Summer Program Coordinator/Animation Instructor

Our caterers were Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock. They not only catered the reception at the church, but the dinner that followed as well as a brunch at our home the next day. All three events were perfect. They were a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them.
-Barry Wiener & Vaughan Davies

I just wanted to tell you what a hit the lunches were. I’ve never received so many complements. Thank you for being a professional, coming through with everything you promised, and providing such a delicious addition to our event. I look forward to working with you again in the future!!
-Sian Winship, Society for Architectural Historians

Thank you for hundreds of delicious meals over many years, served to my staffs and crews at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Christopher Lowell Show” and It’s Christopher Lowell.” As a cateress, you have always provided innovative menus with beautiful presentation, whether we were on location on the backlot of Universal Studios or on a sound stage at NBC – Burbank and Hollywood Center Studios. Your foodhas always been freshly prepared, tasty and on time, and your staff, always, friendly and cooperative. As a line producer, these are all very appreciated qualities. I wish you continued success and look forward to working with you again and again.
-Greg Gorden, Executive in Charge of Production
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show”
“The Christopher Lowell Show”
“It’s Christopher Lowell”

Thank you for your assistance with everything: EVERYONE overwhelmingly loved the food. Lance and Scott were professional, knowledgeable, courteous, helpful. Truly, I have never had such a positive experience.
-Thomas Lavin
Thomas Lavin Showroom

thank you soooo much for putting together an incredible event. we received countless compliments on the food and several people said it was the best food they had ever had so it was a big hit! thank you so much once again. you guys are truly incredible.
-jennie & ryan, newlyweds

Thank YOU so much for such a wonderful meal and an excellent experience. All of the catering staff were exceptionally friendly and talented. Many, many people remarked that it was the best catered food (and indeed, the best wedding) they had ever experienced.

We’re currently in Barcelona enjoying our honeymoon but we’ll definitely be coming back to the restaurant in the future.
-Kelly Kubik and Mims H. Wright, newlyweds

Thank you for helping create a most memorable day. Every element of Auntie Em’s was impeccable. The food was delicious and the presentation beautiful. The wait staff was friendly and extremely efficient. The bar staff was jovial and very busy. The entire catering element of the wedding was superb.

Best of all, it felt like good friends taking care of us all on a very special day in our lives.

Well done!!
-Cassie Withers, mother of the bride